Neo-Chimpanzee (also called Pan argonostes,) Genetic changes over 50 years has given Chimpanzees a different shaped skull, greater pelvic arcs to birth big-brained offspring, and fully opposable thumbs. Neo-Chimps no longer have trouble speaking At present Chims can easily speak, and speech aphasia is their greatest fear. When stressed, Neo-Chims sometimes revert to hand gestures since the area of the brain originally controlling hand gestures was modified for speech. Chims favorite musical instruments are percussion. Neo-Chimpanzee, Male Neo-Chimpanzees are called “chens,” females are “chimmies” and the gender-neutral noun is “chim.” Neo-Chimpanzees are bilaterally symmetrical, omnivorous, bipedal, oxygen breathing mammals, and are very close genetic relatives to Humans. They stand about four to five feet high and can now walk completely upright, without the need to use their hands. (Indeed, knuckle walking is no longer a practical means of locomotion.)

Many improvements have been implemented on the chim population. Certain areas of the brain have been expanded for advanced computation and language skills. The tongue, palette, and larynx have also been heavily modified to accomplish the speaking itself. The jutting of the brow has been lessened, as has the massive jaw. The spine has been straightened for upright locomotion, and the legs have been lengthened and straightened. The feet have been flattened, but can still be used as semi-useful hands and have much better gripping ability than those of their Patrons. Their thumbs have also been slightly moved for better gripping. The hips and birth canals have been widened to accommodate giving birth to infants with larger brains and skulls.

The cosmetic-functional adjustments to the race have drawn attention, and many Galactics believe that the Humans are turning their Clients into caricatures of themselves because they feel so alone.

Chims can speak in Anglic from the age of three, before which the bones in the palate have not finished developing. Infants use hand signals to form a visual sign language, and certain hand movements and gestures are used throughout the chim’s life. Sign language also is playing an important role in the development of distinctive Neo-Chimpanzee culture. One of the greatest fears for a chim is speech atavism. They hold spoken language above all the other improvements they have received, and many chims who do lose their speech abilities end up committing suicide.

Costs 20 points
+10 str
+3 dex
extra limb (feet)
Social Stigma Disad.



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